Food Tours

Food tours are fabulous! Can we all agree to that? Food is amazing, but Amazing food is even better. We hope that you will take the time to go on a food tour. Can you imagine boarding a plane in the US with a firm grasp of your starbucks coffee? You arrive in London 8 hours later, and hop on a bus to your hotel that has a pub in the hotel that has been in business for 300 years? You finish off that day with a load of authentic fish and chips.

The following day you spend time visiting different pubs and finish that evening off with a visit to a world famous restaurant offering authentic English fixings.

The next day you board a plane to Italy. You start by going on a wine tour since the flight was less than 2 hours. So you haven’t had much to eat you enjoy some wine and cheese and well let’s just say that the wine is working. You aren’t thinking about all of the problems that you have back at home, you are truly living in the moment, thankful for this amazing opportunity.

It’s lunch time, so why not some Pasta? You visit a local vineyard that has a restaurant offering. You enjoy some amazing home cooked pasta fazul. It is amazing and every bite explodes with flavor. You wash it down with an amazing bottle of white wine from that local vineyard.

Next, it’s a night on the town, you have a great time strolling through the local streets. You see Italians that look like they just fell out of a postcard. It is surreal. It is truly unique. You never envisioned something so perfect.

You finish the night under a full moon with a cup of coffee, cause it is time to sober up. You have a big day ahead of you tomorrow. You will be going to Paris to walk to the Eiffel tower, visit the Louvre and eat your favorite foods at Champs Elise.

It’s finally here, your big day in Paris. You start off with an amazing breakfast and all you can eat croissants. Just joking, all you can eat is really just a US thing. You won’t find that in Europe especially not Paris where they can be very judgmental about how Americans treat food. So like I was saying you enjoy your food. Then, you become aware that you need to start walking to enjoy the beautiful city, so you do. You walk and walk and walk. You walk through the Louvre and stop in front of the Mona Lisa. You realize that the glass is so thick it almost makes it hard to see especially with the other million people standing in front of it.

You honestly kind of lose interest and decide to move on. You spend the next 1.5 hours walking through the Louvre all the time realizing as nice as it is, you really aren’t here for the cultural aspects of all of this. You are here for the food. So you decide to head out. Next stop…lunch in Paris.

You find a quaint cafe by Notre Dame. You sit outside with a perfect view of the Notre Dame and you replay the story of the Hunchback in your mind while you enjoy a Patisserie pastry….who says you have to wait for dessert to the very end.

The coffee is great there. The atmosphere, the art, the creativity. Everything is alive, and you are living in the moment with the smells of fresh produce, coffee and pastries.

Imagine the tour keeps on going. You can go to the south of Germany and enjoy some real Bavarian cuisine. Warning though, German cuisine can be pretty heavy, so make sure you down it with some local authentic beer. Maybe it will help in the digestion process.

Imagine not only this kind of trip, but one through Morocco and the middle east.


stay tuned. More to come