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Thank you for inquiring about us: We have been a long time in the making. We are a site for foodies, created by foodies. We love all things food, and we think you will agree taste is one of the greatest pleasures on earth.  We hope you enjoy our content.


We have so much fun researching present, past and future recipes of the greatest foods on earth. We love taking trips and food tours of all sorts. We are located in Askus and find that you great foodies from all over visit us in order to find out the latest scoop on food preparation.

Is you goal to find the best foods possible? the greatest recipes of all times? proprietary food sorts from food hawkers and other street vendors? You have come to the right place, we help all kinds of people satisfy their palettes.

The taste buds are most likely the greatest of all of our senses, and we hope that you have gone through some training on how to identify thousands of minute differences between tastes of salty, sweet, bitter, and all kinds of mixtures that make the tastes delicate, firm and creative.